New Inclusion: Parallel Programming in FARC (very modest steps for now)

I just finished a little experiment to implement parallel / multithreaded code in FAR Colony, by using the free and opensource Omnithread library (because standard low level multithreading in Delphi is a complex nightmare), and after much reading and failure I finally understood (at a very basic level) how it works and succeeded to finally transform a bit of the code.
Even with this framework you need to understood the process of tasks, pooling, and not to mess up with the main thread, but it is far easier to dev than using the barebone multithreading in Delphi.
The newer versions of the IDE, than the one I using, have already parallel coding in standard for some years now, which is pretty simple to use from what I seen. But with my 2009 version, well, it's ever the barebone pleasure or taking a framework...or upgrade which isn't yet for now.

I tested parallelism for the cleanup of the tasks (the ones used to process the space units' missions) and it works pretty well.

Of course FARC doesn't process 10,000 tasks (yet) to have parallelism totally meaningful, but better to have it now than be sorry hehe.
So in the end, I will put multithreading into small parts of the game here and here over the time. For now it is a very modest step, but a fun one. In the other way I must be precautious to not going to fast with it; multithreading can bring its bag of bugs and defects, and I really don't need it.

I know, the game would also need to pass into 64 bits, but it is a planned process, I just need to continue to stack a bit of money beforehand hehe.

That's all, not much of a big news but since I passed some hours on it I wanted to share this update.

The week report is always planned for Sunday.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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