Dev Update: Colonization Phase System DONE (Main Objective of this iteration DONE) + Screenshot

  • 3D:
    • [New: DONE] implementation of HUDsprites as buttons for ending the turn by one tick, hour, standard day, week or month. Events depending on custom buttons are also implemented.
  • Colonization Phase System (CPS):
    • [WIP => DONE] the system update certain objectives over the time, when their design request it. It is the case for PROVIRSRC which needs to keep track when its next period will end.
    • [WIP => DONE] the end of phase is now fully re-enabled and its report is fully completed including; the results, the outcomes/implications and the performances with each objective.
  • Graphics:
    • [New: DONE] creation of icons, which will populate HUDsprites, for the different turns.
    • [New: DONE] creation of icons for the "end of next colonization mission(s)" event button, to end the turns until the next colonization mission(s) is/are finished to be processed.
  • Interface / Colonization Phase System (CPS):
    • [WIP => DONE]  the list of objectives is now displayed in the OpenGL view. It includes the score of each objectives and also specific data, if they have any.
  • Interface / General:
    • [New: DONE] it is now impossible to end a turn via the keyboard, if the basic OpenGL buttons to end turns aren't displayed. Prevent to end a turn when it shouldn't be possible.
  • Time Flow System (TFS):
    • [WIP => DONE] the realtime portion is removed entirely. FARC will stay turn-based but with more option of turns, like the possibility of events end of turn; for example when a colonization mission is set it is possible to process the time flow until the first Colonization Mission is done.
  • Time Flow System (TFS) / End of Turn Events Framework:
    • [NOT DEV => DONE] a basic framework for events buttons is now implemented. It can now "popup" special end turns button linked to special events that can occur over a game.
    • [New: DONE] addition of the event "End of Next Colonization Mission(s)".
So ends the development of the Phase of Colonization, it was a real pleasure, really... hehe.

Anyway here's a screenshot of the final report:

A lot of texts and nothing fancy but, hey, it is informative :)

"BUT!  No release yet?" you would say.
Not yet, there are five things to complete:
  1. to adjust the Oxygen Production Overload by taking into account the population in excess of the life support system of a colony.
  2. to adjust the infrastructure levels in the database, the size of discovered resource spots (in line with IL) and also adjust how the size of a settlement is determined (also in line with the new IL)
  3. to finalize the implementation of the offline version of the knowledge base in the game. It is already here but a I need to remake the linking between the data and the explanations in the KB. That implies also to remove the old code of the previous encyclopedia.
  4. to fix a major bug in the Colonization Mission, in the case when only one carried colonization vessel is selected for the mission. The trip time dosen't update and it can create a bug. 
  5. FINALLY... to complete a presentable interface of the online updater that will display basic information like the version and build available, the last changes and buttons to let the player decide which action to take.
And it will be the time to release this "thing" .

Many of the points don't constititute a big deal, outside of the online updater, and should be completed fast.

So that's all, and thanks for your interest.

Screenshots of the end of Colonization Phase Report (WIP)

Please, just bear in mind that not all texts are complete (like for the Semi-Dependent case), and some needs to be localized, but it is nearly done.
One screenshot by outcome, from the worst to the best case.

As said yesterday it will be done today (night) or before the end of this weekend.

Short Notice: Interface for the Report of the End of Colonization Phase Complete (not done yet)

The interface for the report of the end of the Colonization Phase is complete with all its elements.
My current work is into creating texts to explain why and where the player have failed, in the case the colony isn't viable, and how to avoid such outcome the next time.
This last part is explained for each failed objective.

So it takes some time to complete bits of explanations, especially with my bad English but it will be done before the end of the weekend.

I must also localize certain texts of the interface, they are hardcoded for now, but it is not much to do.

So yes I will really complete it perhaps tonight, tomorrow or this weekend, but the finish line is here, even for a snail dev like me.

Tomorrow, I will post screenshots of the WIP (or if done) to show it in case of fully independence, semi-dependence or when the colony isn't viable.

The funny part is that by default the player can finish the phase with a good score by doing.. nothing. Yes... outside to set up colonization missions to create and populate the colony, you just have to accelerate the process of the turns monthly and in no time the phase is finished with a fairly good score.

It is certain that since the equipment for the colony are yet hardcoded, because without the space unit designs and storage implemented I cannot process yet the starting equipment of a colony, and because there aren't challenges and variations, it is a pretty straightforward path, and a boring one in term of gameplay.The hardcoded equipment and products are VERY generous.
In a normal game, the colony will not have enough reserve of oxygen, food and water to pass the full year without any stress.

That will start to change when the weather and geophysical system will be implemented during the phase of completion of this alpha 10 (after this upcoming release) since it will affect anything like the infrastructures, inhabitants, planetary surveys and so on.

But at least the gears are in place, I must populate the workload now.

That's all. Tomorrow I will post some screenshots (I'm at work right now so it isn't possible).

Short Notice + Screenshots: Full Completion of End Turn Button + End Turn Event Framework

I finally completed the graphics, implementation and behavior of the basic End Turn buttons.

I also completed the framework to manage event-based turn buttons, and also made the graphic and implementation of the first one, Colonization.
Event-based turn buttons allows the player to process the time until a type of event is called.
In the case of the Colonization event, clicking to such button will process time until that one turn has at least one Colonization Mission fully completed.

Here are three screenshots of these "beauties":

Now it's time to complete the CPS end report and this iteration is done.

Edit: I have updated the Gallery page with the full screenshot above and another one with the CPS objectives.

Short Notice; End of CPS Report and End-Of-Turn Buttons

Sorry for the lack of news since June 17, I just committed code, these past days, without posting anything and made a fair amount of work for my side job (nothing to do w/ FARC dev).

I will work this weekend to complete the end report of the CPS Phase and I will try to finish my work on the interface for the OpenGL buttons to end the turns.
I already created (ugly) graphics to make some buttons to end turns by tick (10min) / hour / standard day / week / month and they nearly all working.
I will also create a few additional buttons for the special end-of-turn, like the one to process the turns until the completion of the next Colonization mission (if any).

Anyway don't worry, I will post some screenshots and explanations when it will be done.

After that, well, the main topic will be finished. I will work on the online updater to finally complete its development (as a reminder; it is working since a while but needs some informative interface elements) and in the end I will take an additional week to fix certain tagged bugs.

And that will be the time to finally release it.

Edit: I also finished the OpenGL interface to display the objectives and their data

Thanks and have a great Summer!