Short Notice + Screenshots: Full Completion of End Turn Button + End Turn Event Framework

I finally completed the graphics, implementation and behavior of the basic End Turn buttons.

I also completed the framework to manage event-based turn buttons, and also made the graphic and implementation of the first one, Colonization.
Event-based turn buttons allows the player to process the time until a type of event is called.
In the case of the Colonization event, clicking to such button will process time until that one turn has at least one Colonization Mission fully completed.

Here are three screenshots of these "beauties":

Now it's time to complete the CPS end report and this iteration is done.

Edit: I have updated the Gallery page with the full screenshot above and another one with the CPS objectives.

Short Notice; End of CPS Report and End-Of-Turn Buttons

Sorry for the lack of news since June 17, I just committed code, these past days, without posting anything and made a fair amount of work for my side job (nothing to do w/ FARC dev).

I will work this weekend to complete the end report of the CPS Phase and I will try to finish my work on the interface for the OpenGL buttons to end the turns.
I already created (ugly) graphics to make some buttons to end turns by tick (10min) / hour / standard day / week / month and they nearly all working.
I will also create a few additional buttons for the special end-of-turn, like the one to process the turns until the completion of the next Colonization mission (if any).

Anyway don't worry, I will post some screenshots and explanations when it will be done.

After that, well, the main topic will be finished. I will work on the online updater to finally complete its development (as a reminder; it is working since a while but needs some informative interface elements) and in the end I will take an additional week to fix certain tagged bugs.

And that will be the time to finally release it.

Edit: I also finished the OpenGL interface to display the objectives and their data

Thanks and have a great Summer!