Notice: Ongoing Work On Main Site + Replacement of the Blog

There is an ongoing work on my main site ( with a good but complex theme I bought and installed today to make the site presentable and modern.

When it will be out of Work-In-Progress I will stop to post news on Blogger and will continue to post updates to the main site.

This way, anything will be, finally, on the same website (the blog post, knowledge base, game files and online updater files). After all I paying host and domains for something hehe :)

I know that means that people will read on Wordpress (I have personally nothing against it) but I will include the full shebang of sharing methods, and of obviously RSS is supported.

Of course when I will switch completely, I will inform you via a last post on this blog.

The Sunday release is planned as usual, it will be on PM, EST time.

That's all, have a great Friday!

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