Pre-Release Information + Online Updater

Here is a small post to inform you that the 0.6.15 version will be released on Sunday 16th.

At seven days it would have been 20 months since the previous release.

The online updater will stay basic, but functional and at least it's working. It will be useful if you want to download the "non-official" updates that I will upload. Only updates that will not break the game will be uploaded, so don't expect nightly things.

The next releases, after the upcoming one, will also be available via the updater. So even if you plan to simply wait for the next date you will be able to update the game without having to download the .exe installer or the .7z version of this package.
One more choice, even a crude one, is always better.

Anyway I will continue until the 16 to update a bit the updater with explicative texts and disclaimer and will make the package on Sunday. The configuration of the .exe installer is already done since yesterday night.

Of course after that, the development of FARC will continue, it is far to be completed, even in its basic configuration. But since August 2009 you know the drill of patience.

Thanks for your interest and have a good day, cheers!

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