Three out of SIX Pre-Release Stages Done + Screenshot

  • Infrastructures (database):
    • [New: DONE] the height data (by index of size) is now implemented in the database. The rationale is; this data is required for the new methods to calculate assembling/building durations.
    • [New: DONE] the flag for OPEN infrastructure is now properly implemented, since it can affect build time now.
  • Infrastructures (in-game) / Assembling: 
    • [New: DONE] full overhaul of the formulas to calculate the assembling duration. It is more rational and also takes into account the Region Environment Modifier for CAB now.
  • Infrastructures (in-game) / Building: 
    • [New: DONE] full overhaul of the formulas to calculate the building duration. It is more rational now. It also takes into account if the infrastructure's environment is OPEN.
  • Interface - Help Panel / Knowledge Base:
    • [WIP => DONE] the current encyclopedia interface is replaced by the entire interface of the Knowledge Base website, since its presentation, linking and web interface will always be better than what I will never do in the game, including research in the base, keywords and so on.
  • Interface - General:
    • [New: DONE] the linking from the elements of interface + 3D hud items is now completely flushed up. Since not all the elements, like the informations about the infrastructures and CSM events, aren't yet in the Knowledge Base, any link open the introduction page for now.
  • Interface - Settlement Panel:
    • [New: DONE] fix/mod: import the description of all the infrastructures in the game from the old encyclopedia XLM file to the ui.xml.
    • [New: DONE] fix/mod: for the configuration of a build, the size index-to build combo box didn't updated the display of build duration. It is the case now.
    • [NOT DEV] fix: update the display when an infrastructure in conversion/assembling/building is completed and enter into the transitory delay.
Here is the updated list of pre-release stages:
  1. to adjust the Oxygen Production Overload by taking into account the population in excess of the life support system of a colony.
  2. to adjust the infrastructure levels in the database, the size of discovered resource spots (in line with IL) and also adjust how the size of a settlement is determined (also in line with the new IL).
  3. to finalize the implementation of the offline version of the knowledge base in the game. It is already here but a I need to remake the linking between the data and the explanations in the KB. That implies also to remove the old code of the previous encyclopedia.
  4. to fix a major bug in the Colonization Mission, in the case when only one carried colonization vessel is selected for the mission. The trip time doesn't update and it can create a bug. 
  5. to fix a bug again for the Colonization Mission: during the setup of the mission, if the list of types of settlements isn't continuous regarding the data vs what is available in the combo box, the type of settlement committed in the task will be wrong.
  6. FINALLY... to complete a presentable interface of the online updater that will display basic information like the version and build available, the last changes and buttons to let the player decide which action to take.
Here is the screenshot with the in-game Knowledge Base:

Nothing very fancy but it works.

So now it is time to finally wrap up the development of the game iself by fixing the three bugs left.
After that, I will work to expand the interface of the online updater and that will be done.

Perhaps I will update a bit the Knowledge Base, but anyway I can do it afterward.

I will post again when the stages 4 and 5 + the third bug are fixed.

Have a good night (for those in EST and before) and a great Tuesday!

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