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You can contact me via email by using this adress: farcodev@farcolony.com

You can also go to my profile page on Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/100891412251891149012


FAR Colony (FARC) is a space strategy game, either turn-based or in realtime according to the player's choice, that taking place in a hard science-fiction future.
The plot is about the setup of one of the first extrasolar colony, based on a semi or fully private initiative according to the options chosen at the start of a game, a certain number of years after that the first manned interstellar experimental flight occured.
The player will have, in a first phase, one standard year (Earth based) to settle and make his colony viable, and also to answer favorably to the goals imposed to the player's faction via the objectives of the Colonization Phase.
The final outcome after this year will be decided, according to the Colonization Viability Score that will evolve during these 365 standard days, which will open to a fully or partial independence or, in the worst case, a proof that the colony can't sustain itself and isn't viable.
The second phase will be a sandbox one in which the player is more or less free, accorded to the outcome, to develop his own faction.
Of course the dependence status isn't written in stone and can evolve to independence, by policies...or by force for example.

Outside of this, the orbital object (a planet or an an asteroid) will provide too some challenges; via its weather system, and its fauna and flora if the object has any.

You must note that the game is assymetrical, which means that at the contrary of many other space strategy games the player doesn't start at a same level as the other factions when a game begin. That doesn't means that the game is impossible to play, nor the player can't compete against the other factions, even the major ones. Partly because space is big and impossible to enterily control with a handful of spacecrafts, and also because of the size of the earthling nations. Bigger doesn't means better or more powerful, it means also a lot more of problems, even without taking in consideration the geopolitical tensions on Earth, and also across all the Sol system, between all theses factions.
The background of FARC, even if more optimistic for anything space related, isn't all rosy; the game begin after a certain period of chaotic development through the 21st and 22nd centuries, and at the start of the game some of the geopolitic blocks are even in some sort of cold wars between each other, due to economical competition and the extrasolar expansion of these factions.
The player begin the game after the dust settled... a bit.

But History is never able to bust hope nor the exhaltation of discovery and adventure... at least not indefinitely.

Here are the parts of the game system that are already implemented:

- the Colonization Phase System (CPS) which manage the first part of the game)

- the mission system for the space units; the colonization and interplanetary transit mission

- the Colony Simulation Model (CSM) which manage each colony's data and events

- an embedded help system (a bit like the civilopedia from the game Civilization IV)

- a Socio-Political Matrix (SPM) that manage the policies and memes

- an unified interface for macromanagement purposes including actually the management of the player's faction and the research & development (part incomplete yet at this time)

- an infrastructure management system including: Conversion/Assembling/Building , a transition phase, the modes of production and the custom effects

- a production system which manage the production matrix, the energy equilibrium of a colony, and the reserves consumption.

- the basics of a Research and Development System (RDS) which manage the theories and technosciences.

Development Tools

FARC is developped in Delphi and use GLScene has its basic 3d framework and the TMS suite for many elements of the interface.

Other tools used for the game are: OpenOffice, Notepad ++, Fractal Terrains, Maya, Blender, FBX Converter and Photoshop.

The whole is stored in a dusty 3930K/32gb computer.


*Is FARC another X4 Space Game?
It is and it isn't in the same time. It's more like the game Outpost (the first one: see this wikipedia page ) than a Master of Orion clone.

*Is it free?
Free like air; to use, modify, and redistribute even if I prefer that it keep one source (at farcolony.com).
It was open-source before, but some events made me left the open-source community. But that doesn't change the status of the game itself and your ownership of it.
It is why I keep it released under the GPL 3 license.

The files are stored on farcolony.com which I pay the name and hosting for three years in advance for each cycle.

*Your game is boring and/or looks like a screensaver and/or and feels incomplete...
Since it's an alpha, I focusing mostly to the implementation of the game systems.
The game lack of some core game systems and also lack of a lot of assets; like all the rest of the playable factions, final planetary systems (there's only one for now), and many infrastructures.Without forgetting the spacecrafts.
The game lack also of many useful information feedback for the player.
For the boring part I can't do much for now; FARC isn't made to be a casual friendly game, but something between a simulation and a complex strategy game (like Aurora for example), without pretending anything.
This concept would certainly be a failure as a commercial project, but as a free project it is OK.
Just keep in mind that it is done by only one person (out of the assets' creators), not made by a studio in full time, and that there is a certain number of alternatives out there.

*Do I need to read a user's manual before to use it?
For now the only source of game information is the in-game encyclopedia.
I plan to make a wikipedia page on the main site, but it isn't for the near future.
For the user's interface and game concept, there is nothing that can serve as guidance for the player yet; many things have a probability to change and expand, and it would be a waste of time to maintain a document or something useful for the player at this stage of the development.
In the future, my plan is to implement a sort of tutorial engine to give the player a full kit of informations on how to use this game.

*Talking about schedule why it's so slow?
 I'm a one man army that do development during my free time so I can't do miracles but I do my best to keep the faith in the completion of at least its core game systems. After so many years I would be really relieved to reach finally this point, trust me :)

*Does that means that the development will be halted afterward?
No, I have many thing to do after the completion of the core game systems, like adding finally the assets, complete the hole in the details of each game system and tracking these scratchy bugs.
After that, I have a ton of ideas to expand this game, so it is very long term. I just hope to not complete it in 10 years but that's another story.

*Do you consider other platforms? 
No. Some years ago I talked about a "possible" native Linux port, but I have already too much work to do with this version only, and no more spare time.